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What is Leucoderma?

Prior to delve into the detail of leucoderma treatment, it is essential to know that what does it exactly means. In fact, it is a skin disorder caused by the malfunctioning of cells that produce melanin that is responsible for coloring process for skin. Other name of leucoderma is vitiligo. Normally under this disorder, the skin turns into white patches which are lighter in the beginning but gradually they turn as pure white. In many cases, the hair under these patches, also turn white or grey.

The skin is made up of 3 layers.

  • The outermost is known as epidermis
  • The inner or middle is dermis
  • Deeper or innermost is called sub-cutis

The color of skin is due to a pigment called Melanin, which also determines the color of our hair, nails and eyes. The skin color starts changing white if skin cells become dormant or inactive to produce the melanin. There may be an auto-immune in our body, consequent destruction of cells which in turn conduce to a skin disease called 'vitiligo'. Leucoderma and vitiligo are same terms used for same kind of skin disorder.

Causes of Leucoderma

So far, the researchers agree that Leucoderma is caused by weakness or inefficiency of cells that produce melanin. There are many theories associated with its origin but primarily immunity, climate and genetics history are well known causes. A huge number of scientists have agreed that it is due to auto-immune aspect of human body.

Leucoderma Treatment

In connection with cure of this skin problem, research has revealed that the herbal treatment in comparison with medical treatment is much more effective in turning the skin to almost normal color. Leucoderma treatment through herbal formula has proven itself through decades. Alright laser therapy can also be an effective way but it also involves lot of complications and budgetary restraints.

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