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FAQs for effective vitiligo treatment

What is vitiligo and how can I remove it?

Vitiligo is a skin disorder where skin cells are not pigmented properly and as a result skin color becomes white. There are no certain known causes that can identify the reason of victimization however fortunately we can remove the white patches. Our Vitiligo-Cure Oil is an effective and advanced formula that helps getting back the skin nature color.

Is there any side effect using Ez Vitiligo-Cure Oil?

We have extracted the oil using 100% pure herbal ingredients and tested on multiple patients locally. There is absolutely complaint for any side effect. It is a safer product for your skin. However skin conscious people may feel some irritation but it would be to the minimal level.

Is there any gender or age limitation for using the oil?

There is no gender or age limitation for using the oil. Adults (male or female) and children can equally use the oil with same result expectations. However don't use it for infants or kinds under the age of two years.

How many times a day should I use the oil?

Ez Vitiligo-Cure oil must be used twice a day. Hygienically wash the affected area and gently massage the oil and keep it with the skin at least for 6 hrs. Detailed instruction for how to use the oil can be found on product detail page. If you can use the oil in sun-shine, it would increase the chances to get cure rapidly.

In how many days I shall receive the product?

After you place the order, normally we dispatch the oil within 24 hrs and it would take maximum 7 days to receive the oil wherever you are located in the world. However in case of any unavoidable cause, shipment may delay. Please refer to our terms and conditions page.

Can I use it during pregnancy?

There is absolutely no harm of using the oil during pregnancy. This is only for external use and nothing to do with inner sides.

Can I use the oil while taking other medicine?

This is totally harmless oil in respect of reactions or side effects. You can use it without any fear even if taking other medicines for any purpose. However if you are trying it with other vitiligo product, then we suggest to use only one.

What are the edible precautions?

In order to get quicker, effective and long term results, it is very important to control your diet. Don’t use fish, white meat and high energetic diet during the entire course of using our vitiligo oil.

What are common terms used for vitiligo?

Possible known terms used for vitiligo can be as Leucoderma, skin disorder, white patches, white spots etc

I have vitiligo. I fear that it will spread. What are the chances of spread?

It is not possible to predict if someone's vitiligo would spread. The experience shows that there are some criteria which make on prone to extensive vitiligo. Some to the factors which increase the chances of spread, though it is not a rule, are:
1. Strong family history of vitiligo
2. Appearance of vitiligo spots on both sides (bilateral) of the body, including finger tips, toes, and lips.
3. Associated with hypothyroid (under active thyroid) or diabetes

How does Ez Vitiligo-Cure oil helps for vitiligo treatment?

Ez Vitiligo-Cure helps to start repigmentation of vitiligo skin disorder. It is currently considered the "golden standard" vitiligo treatment when vitiligo covers 90% or more of the body area. It makes the healing process super fast and change the skin to its natural color. It starts healing from the outer edges of each patch to inward but only when it is used regularly and according to our prescribed method. Depending upon the area, Ez Vitiligo-Cure treatment may continue for at least 2 months or more. This is a clinically proved formula and generally tolerated made both for adults and children.

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