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Seeing is believing - Read our Customer's Reviews

Tina Moon - Philippines

" My daugher is just 9 years old and we were so much annoyed when she is diagnosed as vitiligo. One of my friends has already used ez vitiligo cure oil and she recommended me as well to must use it. I did the same and purchased the oil. As expected and told by my friend, the oil works exactly the same way and within 4 to 5 months her skin was clear."

by Tina Moon - Philippines

Rajesh - India

" Wow… wow…. I can’t believe that my skin color is normalized again. I have tested countless medications but nothing has worked for me really. Thanks to my mother who did online research and found herbal weeds as natural vitiligo cure provider. Just within 5 months, I got back the original skin color. "

by Rajesh - India

Ana Maria - Brazil

" Instead of disappointment, I would strongly refer Ez Vitiligo Cure as the most effective natural remedy of vitiligo. It took me around 7 continuous months to completely get rid of white patches but I'm happy that in the end it worked. Wonder results with amazing feelings. "

by Ana Maria - Brazil

David Samba - South Africa

" It's been a huge discomfort and unintentional misfortune kind of inner feelings whenever I thought about my whites spots over my face. Including the surgical treatment, I haven’t turned anything left to cure my vitiligo spots. However I keep on trying with every effort without any disappointment. By my good luck, I picked Ez Vitiligo Cure reference while exploring vitiligo treatment options searching at Google. After reviewing the testimonials and some initial email correspondence, I decided to use the oil and purchase it from the online website.

I was overjoyed and almost screamed with happiness when I see my skin color start changing only after using it for three weeks. It was really wonderful feelings. After using the oil almost for five months, now I’m completely cured and there are no signs of other spreading as well.

With my deepest thanks to Herbal Weeds, I would also recommend every vitiligo patient to use this magical cure method. "

by David Samba - South Africa

Yousaf from Pakistan

" I have used Ez Vitiligo Cure for almost six months. Most of my body was suffered through small white patches including face, hands, legs and other body parts. My disease was more than 10 years old and I took all possible measures to cure it but nothing had worked really. Then I was quite lucky that one of my friends knows about this oil and strongly recommended to use it. I started with 100ml and try on very small area. Only after using it for two weeks, I noticed some changes to the skin area where I was using the oil. That improvement bring lots of hope to me and I started to use it even with more passion and belief. By the Grace of God, after using it for six months, now I am almost fully recovered and my skin color is normalized once again. Its a long period that I suffered but I am really thankful to Herbal Weeds for bringing smiles to my life. "

by Yousaf - Pakistan

" Hello, I have been using your Ez Vitiligo Oil on my 4 years old daughter for almost 5 weeks now. And I see a considerable change in her skin. A big thank you for your product. I also want to know about your edible supportive medication that you have mentioned in your website. When is best stage to use this medication on my 4 year old daughter.

by HY - USA

" Just to inform you that your product for vitilgo cure which I purchased in January this year, worked wonders and the patch over my eyelid has pigmented.

My wish for your company is that it grows from stem to tide and keep up the good work in assisting people afflicted by vitiligo. "

by Lalita - South Africa

maria tsirtsoni greece

" I am using Vitiligo cure oil for the last 2 moths. You can see my improvement. This is really an amazing treatment because we already spent lot of money but no results.

Any way its best treatment in the modern age i swear. I really admire this product."

by Maria Tsirtsoni - Patra, Greece

pieter van der germany

" I live in Germany and my vitiligo skin disorder on my hands was 9 years old. My life was shattered because doctors told me that vitiligo cannot be cured fully. I tried desperately to find a medication that but all in vain even I move to UK and USA for medication.

Luckily my sister, who lives in Florida, finds you on internet and purchased your Ez Vitiligo-Cure oil and sent me in Germany. I start using this oil and after 4 and half months I am writing you this mail that there is a 99% improvement. I am very happy for your medication and really wonder why it is normally considered as non curable disease. I want to tell all people who have this skin disorder, don’t lose heart and never trust on misstatements. Just use this oil and come back in real life.

Thank you for helping everyone with vitiligo that has used your medication and is now able to live happy and promising lives."

by Pieter Van Der - Wiesbaden, Germany

cindy from usa

" I am writing my life most unforgettable event with the request to publish this as a testimonial so that every Vitiligo patient can read this. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo skin disorder last year in November of 2011. I went to 3 dermatologists and they diagnosed and informed me that there is no cure of this skin disorder. They also told me that I have a very mild Vitiligo skin disorder and not to worry. I suppose they were trying to make me feel better. It didn't work, I felt horrible. I started to do research on the web and I found other products first that claimed guaranteed results but none worked. After two months I ordered Vitiligo-Cure and within the first 2 and half weeks there was a dire change. The spot on my hand went from white to pink. I was very excited to say the least. This happened without any sun I might add as well.

In Next 20 days the progress did slow down, but after few days I started to get sun. During the second half of a month at least 70% of my vitiligo was re-pigmented, it was like I would go to sleep and wake up with my color back. I was amazed. I then went through a period of slow recovery again but continual improvement anyway. Progress is slower but it's better than no progress at all. I am a vegetarian person so I made sure that I took vitamins like B-12 with folic acid & I ate even more healthy. The entire time I really watched my diet & supplemented with vitamins. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from Vitiligo.

Thank you Ez Vitiligo and thank you Herbal Weeds Herbal Pharma. Now there is no vitiligo on my hand! Thank you again for your wonderful product."

by Cindy Schmidt - Florida USA

" I have been using your herbal Vitiligo- Cure oil since March this year. Lately I have noticed a decrease in the Vitiligo patches especially on my armpit. The areas on my armpit would simply just disappear, not all at once but say overnight, when waking in the morning I would notice: "Hey that spot is gone". What I am trying to say is that my armpit healed different to what was described, I never noticed the dots (re-pigmentation) appearing and gradually getting bigger. It just disappeared. Anyhow the bottom line is: i am very very happy as well as my girl friend too. Once again thanks for your help. I am a happy boy! Love you!"

by Leon Lombard - South Africa


" Wooo hooo!!! I am so pleased to mention that vitiligo cure oil is the best available treatment for vitiligo. I would recommend to every vitiligo patient to do not waste their money anywhere else but only use this oil. My hands are recovered fully and it is all due to Herbal Weeds product and continuous support. I wish that I could spread their message all around the world."

by Wong Kiew - Malaysia


" It is really hard to believe that my white spots have been removed. I’d sincerely like to pay my gratitude to Herbal Weeds and its team for introducing such a wonderful product. It is not too expensive but very effective. I am so happy."

by Katie Demetriades - Cyprus

" I have been using your herbal Vitiligo cure oil for the last 4 months. Lately I have noticed a decrease in the Vitiligo patches especially on my legs and right hand. But white spots on my face would simply just disappear, not all at once but say overnight, when waking in the morning I took notice: " oh that spot is gone". What I am trying to say is that my face healed different to what was described, I never noticed the little dots (re-pigmentation) appearing and gradually getting bigger. It just disappeared. Anyhow the bottom line is: I am very happy because you people change my life. Once again thanks for your help. Thank you Herbal Weeds Team!"

by Laura I John, (Coral Springs, FL USA)

ryan stoll

" Keep it up Herbal Weeds "

by Ryan Stoll

" I have been using your herbal Vitiligo cure oil for the last 4 months. Lately I have noticed a decrease in the Vitiligo patches especially on my legs and right hand. But white spots on my face would simply just disappear, not all at once but say overnight, when waking in the morning I took notice: " oh that spot is gone". What I am trying to say is that my face healed different to what was described, I never noticed the little dots (re-pigmentation) appearing and gradually getting bigger. It just disappeared. Anyhow the bottom line is: I am very happy because you people change my life. Once again thanks for your help. Thank you Herbal Weeds Team!"

by Laura I John, (Coral Springs, FL USA)

zeni before    zeni after

" I really appreciate for your honest, clear information about the treatment of vitiligo. I am so grateful for the excellent product you have for vitiligo skin disorder. The white patches were on my face and on my lips for the last 13 years. I started this treatment for the last 3 months and now almost back to normal. The Vitiligo-Cure Oil bringing great result on my skin that my skin now actually even glowing. I was hesitant at first about your product because I thought that it might be a waste of money and time. But now I am so glad that I tried it and of course I have no regret at all. I also thank you for a faster service..!!! Thank you Herbal Weeds for your great natural healing product."

by Zain Ahmed, (PK)

Yesh Raj Mother

" My mother suffering from vitiligo skin disorder for the last 20 years as I know. The white patches were on face only. In past my mother went to a doctor hoping that it was just something she will get rid of in a week. Unfortunately the news was not so great. The doctor told her that it is not curable however he refers my mother to a homeopathic doctor. Homeo doctor gave her a cream and some oral medicines to treat it, however; even though the cream seems to help the spots that had vitiligo, it did not prevent from new ones coming out. I call back to my country homeopathic doctor (India) and he send us some medicines but all in vain. I was just desperate to find something that can help my mother. Last year I went to visit a dermatologist with my mom but unfortunately the answer she received was sorry but there is nothing we can give you to prevent new ones due to age factor. Eventually she gives up all oral and topical remedies but I went online looking for alternatives, I found your website. I read a few testimonials; I decided to buy this product as a last treatment for my loving mother. I place an order for 200ml. After 20 days of using this oil her skin become little pink and next few days’ skin started to become normal and day by day my efforts come true. After 3 months she fully recovered. She is very happy and said this oil is blessing for me. This is really an amazing treatment I have ever seen in my life. Many Many thanks. In the attached picture, you can see the excellent result yourself. "

by Yesh Raj Houston, USA)

" I wanted to give you all an update of my progress. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been using Vitiligo cure oil. I received this product on 17/06/11 and immediately started using it. Today is 28/11/11. What a difference! My biggest concern was the spreading of discoloration on my face. It had spread over and under my nose and had started progressing to the outer side of my face. It was quite noticeable and more importantly it was lowering my confidence. I am excited to report that the spreading has stopped, furthermore, my color has almost completely return on my face! There are small spots left as I continue to use the oil. My husband and my son can clearly see a difference. Although, there has not been any recovery on any other parts of the body I am so please with the products and professional services of Herbal Weeds Company. Please feel free to publish my comments so you can continue to help other patients like me."

by Olena Taratula (Toronto, CA)

Kim - Before     Kim - After

" I have had vitiligo for over 15 years. Doctors told me there was no cure especially on fingers tows. I found the Herbal Weed’s Vitiligo cure oil while searching for information about new developments with vitiligo. I have it on my hands. Make-up was not an option for me. I was doubtful about taking some unknown medication and after days decided to give it a try. Out of desperation from not having any other choices. I am just so happy to mail you that my Vitiligo gone. I used Vitiligo cure oil for 3 months only but regularly.

Before using this oil I use many other products oral and topical, but many times I suffered side effects but this oil is totally free from any side effects. The very amazing quality of this product that, this is a unique treatment without changing any life style. I sleep better, have more stamina, feel more relaxed. Thank You so much for making this possible. It really has worked for me. I would recommend this to anyone who has vitiligo. Thank you Herbal Weeds and thank you Vitilgo cure oil you are not oil but you are a life of every Vitiligo patient."

by Kim (NY - USA)

Abdul Hakim Al Zaid - Jeddah

" Your site has helped me a lot and I'm sure countless people around the world suffering from Vitiligo skin disorder have also found the answers they needed. I'm a 37 year old from Damam Saudi Arabia and suffered from Vitiligo skin disorder for the last 15 years as far as I can remember. I had to take remedies of all kinds. I visited at least 10 doctors in two years. Most of them wanted to operate my face (Plastic surgery) but I refused. One day when I was a walking to chemist and talk about my problem, he told me that there is no cure or any remedy in my study history, but you may help from herbal practitioner. I was much disappointed and feeling pain inside my heart.

After 3 days I feel some changing on my face. Wow my soul feeling much happiness after many years. It worked. After 2 months people who know me ask about my Vitiligo, I smile and said I have said my Vitiligo GOOD BYE forever. My new life has been started. Thank you HerbalWeeds. You know what doctors say now? that i'm quite all right. It was quite a change! I always tell my friends about your site. God bless you and keep up with the good work!"

by Abdul-Hakam Al Zaid (Dammam - KSA)

" I have vitiligo for the last 5 years, these white spots on my Face, and neck.. Can you believe this, but let me tell you about my feelings that I am the luckiest girl on this earth. My story is clearly a "Don't knock it till you try it" I have been using Herbal Weeds product Vitiligo-Cure oil on and off for the last 4 months, but I wasn't using this product consecutively since I was afraid to "take a risk". I was afraid I was going to spend a TON of money on products that may/may not work. Trust me when I tell you I didn't want to do that! However I decided to buy the 200ml vitiligo cure oil as a Introductory Package! I have been using the Vitiligo cure oil consecutively for the last 4 months. Can you believe that how I cure fast in only 3 months and every one who knows me said “UNBELIEVABLE” !

Many thanks HerbalWeeds/Ez vitiligo cure oil to bless me a new life."

by Nicola Edward (Toronto, CA)

Florence Tesha - Toronto

" It is more than words can explain my gratefulness and happiness. I can see a bright tomorrow when vitiligo is gone. God created man and for each man he gave a purpose, Herbal weeds team you were created to restore joy, hope and change a sad, cloudy life into a new, free and happy one. I lash back and see myself crying because I felt ugly, but when I look at me now, OH! I am so happy, I am always laughing and I love smiling..... thankyou very much, I wish that someday I will be able to reach Pakistan and meet you because you gave me my life back. Thank you."

by Florence Tesha (Tanzania)

" I received my vitiligo cure oil almost one week ago. Already I have seen a difference, particularly around my eyes and my neck. Luckily I got a quicker response and within 3 days my skin started turning pink! And now gradually it is coming back to original color. Amazing to see that my skin color is back."

by Katie Demetriades (Cyprus )

" My history of vitiligo starts 40 years back, when all of sudden it was appeared on my face as a small white patch. After few days it was extended over the entire face and gradually other parts of body were also affected. After few months these patches also appeared on my hands, neck, abdomen, legs, and backside. Naturally I was so much worried about my skin problem and physical appearance. Initially I became a psycho patient and started to avoid mixing with people but later on compromised with the disease. Finally I decided to get the treatment and visited the local doctor. He diagnosed it as vitiligo and advised me some oral and topical remedies but in spite of a long medication, these remedies were ineffective all the way. I didn’t give up and visited to Homeopathic specialist but again results were same. I was lucky enough to get a clue about Herbal Weeds vitiligo cure oil that was referred by a mutual friend. After visiting their website and having initial discussion with their medical team, I decided to start the treatment from scratch and purchase their oil. After 2 months I felt the color of white patches was turning as pink and a ray of hope was raised. Gradually after six months those pinkish spots were fully recovered to their natural color and now it is almost vanished.

It is just unbelievable. I am not even ready to believe myself. I have no words to say thanks to Herbal Weeds and its team. It took me little longer time as my white spots area was large but in the end my patience and money both have paid back. Really when people say me that I have made a plastic surgery, then unconsciously I start praying for HW. Their vitiligo cure oil has magical results. I would highly recommend all vitiligo patients to use their oil without any hesitation."

by Umer Hussain (PK)

" Before using vitiligo-cure oil, I was so disappointed from the treatment that I was carrying on. I tried many medicines but nothing had worked. Then some of my family member told me about the effectiveness of their oil and as a last try I purchased it. It is just superb and excellent product. I was totally astonished with the improvements. Only after regularly applying it for two months, there was significant improvement with my white spots and actual skin color starts recovering. Now it is almost 95% cured and I feel so happy"

by Sana (PK)

" I have been suffering from vitiligo since twenty years back and almost became hopeless for its treatment. Then I came to know about herbal weed’s vitiligo cure oil and expect some rays of hope. I work with the public and very much conscious about my appearance. Usually I use facial makeup and avoid mingling with people. I do my best to conceal my skin conditions but sometimes it becomes very embarrassing when people raise questions. Anyway I get start using their oil and amazingly just after using it for a month regularly, my skin color starts changing. It is so good to see such quick results and getting back my skin color.."

by Saud (KSA)

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